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    nigerian yamarita

    Shakara Yamarita

    Shakara Yamarita was as a result of serious cravings I had for yam, egg and smoked beef. I decided to indulge myself for breakfast yesterday before work. I know, I know, who makes such decadent breakfast before work? Well in my defense, I had chopped all the vegetables and smoked beef the night before. The

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    Acha Pancake

    Acha Pancake I have to admit was at first a fail for me. I was trying to flip the pancake and it all scattered. Between not having enough eggs in the mix and oil in pan, something about my initial mix went wrong. I also tried to blend the acha to a finer powder but

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    Akara Pancake

    The concept of Akara Pancake was inspired by 9ja Foodie or at least I think I saw the recipe on her blog first. I decided to try it and add the Afrolems spin on things. This month, I have decided to cut down on my carbohydrates and bad cholesterol sources significantly because December is usually an

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    Dodo and Egg Nigerian Breakfast

    Dodo and Egg is one of the traditional breakfast options in a Nigerian household. If you are not Nigerian, you are wondering if I am talking about a dodo egg, No 🙂 Dodo is also known as Fried Plantain in Nigeria. Not sure why we came up with that name but hey, it’s here to

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    nigerian plantain fritatas

    Plantain Fritatas

    Are Plantain Fritatas a part of your breakfast menu in Nigeria? No? You have to make it a thing. Its so easy to make and you can always modify the recipe to fit your taste. Sometimes I add sausages, chicken or even shrimp to my plantain fritatas to give me a wholesome meal. If you

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    french toast sticks dessers

    Cinnamon French Toast Sticks

    I woke up very early with a very strong craving for cinnamon french toast sticks. Yes, very specific I know but one has to give into cravings every once in a while. By the way I am also craving amala and ewedu properly done from an authentic buka. Who wants to bring me some? I

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    savory nigerian crepes and sausage

    Savory Crepes

    I was at my friend’s house this weekend and I woke up dreaming of pancakes. We went to the kitchen to look for ingredients and it turned out that she didn’t have baking powder I needed to make the American style pancakes I was craving so I settled for Savory crepes instead. When people think of

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    shrimp pancake

    Chicken and Shrimp Pancakes

    My mum was always the one that played around with her food and created recipes like Chicken and Shrimp Pancakes. We never understood it but we went along with it. Pancakes were even my grandma’s favorite breakfast to make for us. She sometimes put in some vegetables that we did not like into the pancakes

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    avocado egg salad on bread

    Avocado Egg Salad

    In this frenzy of valentine, I promise I have not forgotten my fit-fam folks. This avocado egg salad is the perfect starter for your night in. You can make a lot to last till the next breakfast or you can reduce the amount to last just for the evening. Either way, it is certainly a

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