Plantain Gnocchi and Minced Meat Sauce

At this point, it is safe to say I am slightly addicted to plantains. I mean I have an e-book dedicated to plantain recipes which I should probably update with this plantain gnocchi recipe. I was watching a documentary on Netflix about a chef’s journey through some parts of Asia and they were making gnocchi

Plantain and Beef Pie

The love of plantain is the beginning of a food blogger’s wisdom. Quite a number of countries share the love of plantain as well be it green, yellow or black(over-ripe plantain). Countries like Jamaica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Ghana, Puerto-Rico and the list is endless. This dish is actually inspired by the puerto-rican love of plantains.

Nyama Choma with Kachumbari

In my post about my trip to Kenya, I did not discuss the food at all. I have to say I was surprised about the flavours I found. Kenyan food looks like it is a mix of so many other cultural influences, They have chapati which is indian and also Pilau as a major staple.

Dambu Nama

In this post, I have no interesting story as to why I decided to make Dambu Nama. I just had a craving for it and went into my kitchen and whipped this up. Did not take as much time as I thought it would which was good but I lacked a somewhat important tool in

Shredded Beef Sauce

We put out a post asking our fans what posts they would like to see on the blog. We figured this would be the best way to satisfy our fans needs as opposed to just posting our experiments and food musings. I absolutely loved preparing this dish as it came very close to what we

Plantain Pizza

Last week, my brother sent me a message on whatsapp saying he had a dream about a dish I should try. See how awesome my family is? His original idea was plantain pizza with gizzard as toppings as a different way to serve dodo gizzard. Unfortunately, plantain will not hold well on its own so

Pink Spaghetti, Meat Balls and Creamy Sauce

I have been trying to figure out what dishes to make for valentines day as I have started getting requests and I have to say it hasn’t been easy as most things have been done. When I thought of this dish, I remembered a story I read as a child called The lady and the

Ayamase Stew

There are many archived recipes I would be publishing this month because school got in my way and I could not get to blogging about them. This is a recipe that a lot of people asked me for especially our dear friend Vese at Dvees who does exceptional things with Nigerian food as well. I kept

Beef Stew Recipe

After a very long hiatus which I apologize for, I am back. Yayy!!!! So I just recently moved to the States and so far the African stores have been far away from me. I shall find it I promise and bring you some interesting Nigerian recipes. Whilst, I was opening my bank account here, I