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    Ethiopian Plantain and Beef Stew

    Ethiopian Plantain and Beef Stew It’s been a while since i explored other parts of Africa on my blog. I cannot call myself an african food blog without showcasing other recipes I have come in contact with. This is one of such delicious recipes. Ethiopian food is very diverse in its offerings and flavors and

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    Home Made Burger Recipe

    Home Made Burger Recipe Whenever I serve my burger recipes at a private event, I constantly get questions on how I got it to be so tasty? Sometimes we go out to buy burgers and we are upset at the waste of money and possibly calories. If I am going to sin, I may as well

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    corned beef cakes zambia

    Corned Beef Cakes

    Corned beef cakes are a Zambian favorite according to one of my friends. It could just be her household or perhaps it is common in other homes. Whatever the case is, these corned beef cakes are so delicious. I had a few of the cakes, went upstairs and by the time I came back the

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    nigerian minced meat stew

    Minced Meat Stew

    My former roommate used to make minced meat stew unfailingly every week. I mean I like minced meat stew but every week? I could not for the life of me understand her obsession with the stew. You can put chicken stew, fish stew, snail stew and even beef stew in front of her and she

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    tangerine beef sauce

    Tangerine Beef Sauce

    In this season where tomatoes are expensive in Nigeria, playing around with different sauce ideas for white rice is the way to go and tangerine beef sauce should be one of your stops to make this happen. Tangerine is best known for its vitamin C benefits but did you know it was also beneficial in

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    meatballs and plantain

    Meatballs and Plantain in Yoghurt Sauce

    Growing up, my mum was always the experimental chef and taster in the house. She was always willing to try new dishes and had tons of cookbooks for inspiration. When I ate my lunch in elementary school, I always got the awkward stares at my meal. Yoghurt sauce was one of them. I did not

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    Plantain gnocchi

    Plantain Gnocchi and Minced Meat Sauce

    At this point, it is safe to say I am slightly addicted to plantains. I mean I have an e-book dedicated to plantain recipes which I should probably update with this plantain gnocchi recipe. I was watching a documentary on Netflix about a chef’s journey through some parts of Asia and they were making gnocchi

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    plantain beef pie

    Plantain and Beef Pie Recipe

    Plantain and beef pie? Yes plantain and beef pie is an actual thing. The love of plantain is the beginning of a food blogger’s wisdom. Quite a number of countries share the love of plantain as well be it green, yellow or black(over-ripe plantain). Countries like Jamaica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Ghana, Puerto-Rico and the list

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    nyama choma kenyan food recipe

    Nyama Choma with Kachumbari

    In my post about my trip to Kenya, I did not discuss the food at all. I have to say I was surprised about the flavours I found. Kenyan food looks like it is a mix of so many other cultural influences, They have chapati which is indian and also Pilau as a major staple.

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