Beans Curry

I love my beans and i love it spicy. I recently saw the canned version of beans curry while strolling through a grocery store and thought that would be a nice idea. Growing up, my mum made us beans cooked in coconut milk as a different option so the concept of non-palm oil beans is not

Moin Moin Crepes and Akamu Milkshake

Sometime in the last few months, I was trolling on Instagram and I discovered an account that I immediately fell in love with. That rarely happens by the way. I immediately followed the account and I have been a huge fan ever since. This amazing account is @dubaifitfoodie. Her pictures are top notch and she

Cameroonian Pilé Pilé

I have to say that the Afrolems community of fans and followers are super amazing when it comes to support. If you are following us on social media, you would have seen during the week I posted my Poulet DG recipe on all the networks and that invited this new recipe into my life. A

Frejon Recipe

Happy Good Friday to you all. If you are in a city or country that celebrates Easter be very grateful because as I type this, I am at my desk at the office boo!!! So I am not a total party pooper, let’s move on. I heard about Frejon about 4 years ago and even

Black Eyed Peas Salad

A low carbohydrate diet with Nigerian food has to be the hardest thing ever. However, it is not an impossible one. Speaking of low carb diets, it’s time to get on one as summer is fast approaching and no more hiding under jackets and coats. If you would like a low carb nigerian timetable, comment

Rice and Peas with Coconut Curry Mackerel

The internet has been buzzing recently about Jamie Olivers version of Jollof rice and all I can say is as long as recipes are available, they are left to individual interpretation. My dish today is an interpretation of the popular Jamaican rice and peas dish. I have gone to several Jerk chicken spots and their

Danwake Recipe

The first time I heard about Danwake was from one of my hausa friends and she admitted that it was one of her favourite dishes especially served with a very spicy sauce and I use the term sauce loosely. The sauce comprising of oil, pepper, salt. She also said sometimes it is served with lemon

Ekuru and Ata Din Din

There are many recipes in my archives that never made it to the blog last year and Ekuru is one of them. There are really many things to do with Nigerian beans (black eyed peas), we have akara, moin-moin, beans pottage and a host of other things. Ata Din din is an accompanying sauce that

Adalu Recipe

Beans is one of my favourite dishes. I think this has a little bit to do with my dad. He is diabetic and he has a limited amount of dishes he can consume so beans became his best meal. I am certain it was even before diabetes reared its ugly head however, I grew up