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    Native Jollof Acha

    Native Jollof Acha is one of the most amazing dishes I have made with Acha in recent times. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome and now it’s my default go to meal that is quick and easy to make. This is especially because the Acha itself cooks in less than 8 minutes so it’s perfect

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    Acha Pancake

    Acha Pancake I have to admit was at first a fail for me. I was trying to flip the pancake and it all scattered. Between not having enough eggs in the mix and oil in pan, something about my initial mix went wrong. I also tried to blend the acha to a finer powder but

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    Stir Fried Acha Recipe

    Stir Fried Acha World Diabetes day is marked on the 14th of November every year. Each year different themes are set to scope the awareness message created around diabetes. Usually, there is a misconception in Nigeria that Diabetes only comes as a result of confectionaries which comprise of sweets, chocolates, cakes etc. This is not

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