Mariam’s Recipes for Afrolems

afrolems nigerian food bloggerMy name is Mariam! I’m what you would call a food groupie. I love food. I am very adventurous with foods I eat. I am always the one to order the weirdest thing on a menu! I love to experiment with different types of foods from different cultures. I started cooking at a very early age; while other kids frowned as their mum’s called them into the kitchen to help out with meals, I always had a grin on my face.

Something about turning mere ingredients like onions and tomatoes to mouth watering dishes always left me speechless. I honestly believe cooking is an art, I take great pride and care to ensure that every meal I create turns out tasty and beautiful. I draw inspiration from the different cultures around me, and the little chef-like voices in my head that tell me to think outside the box.

Cooking for over 8 years, I have come up with a variety of original recipe adaptations I cannot wait to share with everyone here on the Afrolems blog. In addition to cooking, I love to read and watch a LOT of movies.

Random fact(s): I love seafood and onions! It’s almost impossible not to add onions to whatever I’m cooking, well except in desserts!

If I were a piece of fruit, I’d be a Pomegranate!

Twitter: @Marie0_0

Mariam’s Recipes for Afrolems

Plantain and Snails

Yam and Egg Stew

Catfish Pepper Soup

Cucumber and Black-Eyed Peas Salad

Nigerian Meat Pie

Toast With Avocado and Scrambled Eggs

Quinoa Lettuce Wrap

Salmon and Baked Vegetables Medley

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