Feyisope’s Recipes for Afrolems

afrolems chefsHi, I’m Feyisope Akinyosoye
I’m a Biochemistry student, currently attending Brock University in St Catharines. Cooking has always been my favorite thing to do; being the only girl i took interest in cooking quiet early, i practiced on my family members especially my dad till i got good at it.I try to think of it basically like science’ I’m learning to try new things because i think we learn everyday.

Cooking helps me think and and i just love it when people actually enjoy what i cook

FeyiSope’s Recipes for Afrolems



Fried Rice and Fish

Ewa Agonyin

Chicken Stew

Nigerian Okro and Stew

Stick Meat Canapes

Egg Plant Sauce

Candied Coconut

Egg Benedict

Herbed Lamb

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