David Recipes for Afrolems

nigerian food blogger for afrolemsDavid cooked his first meal, a pot of white rice at the age of 7, he burnt it of course. Ever since he has enjoyed cooking. Growing up he acted strange because he was always in the kitchen cooking while his 3 sisters watched TV. This happened till he was driven out of the kitchen.

He also worked in the kitchen of at the Bloor Street diner, a fine dining establishment which resembled Hell’s kitchen during busy periods. It was here he finally learned the basics of cooking and was liberated from the shackles of mummy’s recipe.  His dream is to one day have a kitchen that has a machine for everything.

Till that happens he chooses to cook 5 heavy meals at a time using project management principles(Not too difficult to tell he’s some sort of engineer).

No longer an active blogger 

David’s Recipes for Afrolems

Sweet Potato Fries/Plantain / Stew

Grilled Salmon & CousCous

Salt and Pepper Salmon

Sardine Omelette

Apple Pie

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