• Gizzard Pepper Soup Recipe

    Gizzard pepper soup has been my comfort all through this rainy season especially with yam and plantain. I always need something light that helps clear aways the pending cold. I made some soup with some of the traditional Nigerian pepper soup spices and absolutely loved it. You can eat the pepper soup with boiled yams, potatoes or plantains. Some people eat pepper soup with white rice but that has never been my speed. My mum even goes the extra mile and has macaroni with her pepper soup. Some people use bread as well but I just always say do whatever works for you. Yam worked better for me in this instance.

    I love how i have just deviated from the fact that I have not blogged in a while. Let’s just let bygones be bygones. It has been a busy few months as you may have seen from my social media accounts. No matter what, I always have to come back to where it all started. I think it is worth mentioning that if you do not have access to individual elements of pepper soup spices, then please buy the already mixed spices. There are many Nigerian food manufacturers that make several blends of pepper soup spices. Just pick the one that works best for you to make your blend easier. Enjoy this recipe.

    Recipe for Gizzard pepper soup


    2 cups of Gizzard

    2 Yellow peppers (Habanero)

    4 fresh red peppers

    1/2 cup of chopped onions

    2 pieces of Ehuru (african nutmeg)

    2 pieces of Uda (deseeded)

    1 Tablespoon of crayfish powder

    A small piece of Uyayak (Aiden Fruit) – Optional

    1 tablespoon of chopped scent leaves (substitute – basil)

    2 cups of chopped yam cubes

    2 seasoning cubes



    Wash the gizzard and place in a pot. Add the chopped onions, pepper and seasoning cubes and bring to boil.

    Once gizzard begins to get soft, reduce the heat and add the chopped yam cubes and allow to boil.

    Roast and pound the ehuru. Deseed the uda and pound with the ehuru. Place the uyayak on fire and roast before adding to the pot of peppersoup. Add the pounded spices to the pot and increase the heat.

    Add the crayfish powder and taste to correct seasoning.

    Finally when both yam and gizzard are soft, add the chopped scent leaves and serve gizzard pepper soup hot.

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