• Garlic and Cheese Noodles

    Garlic and cheese noodles is quite an interesting combination depending on the type of cheese you use. For me the concept of this meal is reminiscent of mac and cheese. All that is missing is cut up hot dogs as the protein for this meal but with this you can participate in the meatless Monday movement. There is always a silver lining in everything we do. I make noodles very often in a week. Sometimes once or twice when I don’t have time to make a full meal. Noodles are very popular in many homes in the world and it is not any different in Nigeria. There have been adaptations for the country in terms of spicier versions.

    Cheese is not typically an ingredient we use in Nigerian cooking but if you have followed my blog, when have you ever known me to do the regular? Not my style lol. As long it is accessible in Nigeria, I plan to cook with it. I stepped into Shoprite and saw some parmesan cheese on the shelf and bought some. My intent was to use the parmesan for a lot more than noodles but I decided why not? If you want to impress some friends, make this garlic and cheese noodles recipe for them and I promise they would love it. Check some other noodles recipes I have here


    Recipe for Garlic and Cheese Noodles

    Ingredients (Serves 1)

    1 pack of Noodles

    Two tablespoons of grated parmesan cheese

    2 cloves of garlic (Chopped)

    1/4 cup of liquid milk (substitute with cooking cream)

    1 tablespoon of chopped parsley 

    2 teaspoons of Vegetable Oil (You can replace with butter for more flavour)


    In a pot, bring your noodles without the seasoning to boil.

    Add one spoon of oil and boil noodles till soft.

    In a separate pan, heat up the other teaspoon of oil on medium heat and stir fry the garlic. 

    Pour in the milk and reduce the heat to the lowest and allow to boil a bit till the milk starts drying off. Ensure you constantly stir the milk while on the fire.

    Add the noodles seasoning and stir in.

    Pour in the noodles, cheese and parsley and stir in till properly combined. 

    Serve hot

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