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    I had a few names for this Agbalumo cocktail I created a few days ago. Some of the proposed names were agbalumo sour, agbalumo sling, udaratini, lumotini, amongst some others. I think I will save the name for a later date when I have to serve it to my followers in person. I have to say I was nervous about the outcome of this drink. Agbalumo tends to have a grainy texture when it comes to converting it into other dishes or drinks. This is partly due to the gum based texture of the fruit itself. What I did do however was sieve the drink after blending it.

    You can choose to have this drink as a mocktail without adding alcohol to it or you can have it as a full blown cocktail. I would say Hennessy was the best choice to pair with this drink. I wanted something that would not overwhelm the original taste of the drink and have the taste of agbalumo lost in it. This worked out perfectly for that purpose. The Hennessy had its sweet undertone which complemented this drink. Like I said, you can skip the alcohol and have this as a virgin drink. Hope you try it and let me know if you enjoy it.

    Recipe for Agbalumo Cocktail


    3 Agbalumos

    2 Tablespoons Honey

    3 Scent leaves

    1 teaspoon Ginger powder

    A tablespoon of Sugar

    2 cups of water

    1 tablespoon Angostura Bitters (substitute with any other bitters)

    2 shots of Hennessy (Optional)


    Wash and peel your agbalumo fruits scraping the seeds and the skin for all the elements of the fruit into a bowl.

    In a blender, pour in the agbalumo scrapings, scent leaf, honey, sugar, ginger powder and water.

    Blend till smooth. Pour over a sieve into a bowl or jug to get the pulp out of your drink.

    Stir in the angostura bitters and at this point add the hennessy and serve your agbalumo cocktail over ice.

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    11 comments on “Agbalumo Cocktail”

      • afrolems Reply

        Yoruba people call it efirin and ibo people call it nchauwn. It is a fragrant leaf in the family of basil.

    1. Andem Nina Bassey Reply

      can one make the drink without sugar as the honey is already sweet enough. Can I chill the agbalumo and the water to make the drink cold if in a hurry to make.

      • afrolems Reply

        Hello, you can certainly make the drink without sugar. I initially didn’t add sugar to it but it was not sweet enough for my taste so decided to add sugar instead of more honey as they honey can sometimes leave a bitter after taste depending on the brand of honey you use. But if you try it without the sugar and it works for you, by all means use that way. You can also chill the agbalumo and water to make it cold or pour it over ice as well. That works both ways.

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    3. Jay Henry Reply

      Lolz, Wow, So Udara can serve for something else not just to lick it. This is great. I must try this one out. I love your blog. So happy to have bumped in. Keep it coming.

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