• Plantain Cookies

    Plantain cookies were on my list of recipes for last year but somehow never made it to the blog. Every time I made them, they never lasted long enough for me to photograph despite my many “do not touch these” instructions in the fridge. I guess people just thought they were suggestive post it notes and not instructive. What can you do? They taste yummy.

    I finally made them again this week and shared them with my grandma. She enjoyed them so much she asked me to make another batch and leave in the fridge for her afternoon tea time for the rest of the week. In my head, I said good luck finding them. I did not add as much sugar to these cookies as I made them for my grandma but if you have a sweet tooth, you can definitely splurge a little with the sugar or use honey to sweeten it up a bit more. If you have some dried fruits, this would be the perfect cookie to add it to. Hope you enjoy it.

    Recipe for Plantain Cookies


    One finger of ripe Plantain

    An Egg

    1/2 cup of All purpose Flour

    1 1/4 cup of Oat Flour

    1/8 cup of Sugar

    1/4 teaspoon of Cinnamon Powder (Optional)

    1/2 cup of Milk

    1 Tablespoon of Vegetable Oil

    1/4 cup of raisins (optional)

    1/4 cup of chocolate pieces (optional)


    Peel and mash the plantain and set aside.

    Whisk the egg with the milk, oil and sugar and set aside.

    In a blender or food processor, combine the mashed plantain and egg mixture and blend till properly combined.

    Pour the mix into a bowl and sprinkle the cinnamon powder.

    Slowly add the all purpose flour till completely incorporated and not lumpy.

    Then slowly add the oat flour till everything is combined and thick.

    Heat up your oven to 350 F

    On a greased pan or parchment paper, oil up your spoon and scoop the mix onto the pan and flatten it.

    Add your raisins and chocolate pieces and place in the oven to bake.

    Bake for about 20-25 minutes and bring out to cool.

    Serve your plantain cookies with tea or any beverage of choice.

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    5 comments on “Plantain Cookies”

    1. Eyiyemi Olivia Rogbinyin Reply

      Hmmmmm definitely going to try these. Always have overripe plantain and I don’t particularly like soft plantain. Thank youuuuuuuu

      • afrolems Reply

        Hello Valerie, where they sell baked goods might be the best place to start. If you dont have access to that, you can get a normal chocolate bar (preferably the plain dairy milk) and chop that into small bits and add to your cookies.

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