• Scent Leaf Lemonade

    It is safe to say that this is going to be a very versatile year on the blog with recipes like scent leaf lemonade. Do you agree? This past weekend, I was playing around in the kitchen and had some left over scent leaf from a dish I had made previously. I started to wonder what else could be done with this amazing leaf that we have in abundance in Nigeria and voila scent leaf lemonade came to mind.

    The inspiration came from the many mojito drinks I have had in the past except they would typically use mint leaves for that. Scent leaf always seems like its a bit of basil and mint leaves mixed together. Isn’t nature amazing? Ok before I get into some long story about the wonders of nature, you can enjoy my scent leaf lemonade as a virgin drink (mocktail) or a cocktail with the right alcohol.

    I tried this recipe two ways, for the cocktail, I used a shot of vodka in the drink. You can double the amount to make it stronger or leave as is if your alcohol tolerance level is lower. You can also go for alcohol that has a sweeter base as it would make your drink more delicious. Do let me know if you try this recipe in the comments or on our social media pages.

    Recipe for Scent Leaf Lemonade

    Ingredients (Makes 1 tall glass)

    2 Lemons

    1 lime

    A quarter Ginger

    2 Scent leaves (Chopped)

    3 tablespoons of sugar

    1 cup of water


    Slice of lemon for garnishing


    In a separate glass, squeeze the lemons and limes into the glass and remove the seeds.

    Grate your ginger and pour into the glass.

    Stir in the sugar to the mix.

    Pour in the water, ice and scent leaf and shake everything vigorously for about 1-2 minutes.

    Cut a slice of lemon and swipe it at the top of the glass and dip into a bowl of sugar.

    Pour in your drink mix and serve cold.



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