• Afrolems Brand 2015 Year in Review

    2015 was a great year for the Afrolems brand. We grew in our craft and grew in recognition as well. With winning recipes like the dodo gizzard dumplings and sadza and peanut soup, we entered realms we had not initially planned to explore. We also wrote articles for the Sunday Punch for a little while and that was exciting. We also got a Ventures African mention stating we had a big restaurant in Canada which is not entirely true yet haha. We did cater in Canada but no restaurant yet. Thank you Ventures Africa for inspiring us to dream bigger. The icing on the cake was the feature of Afrolems on CNN as one of the African food bloggers to follow. We also got a separate mention on CNN when they asked a question and we answered. We definitely had an exciting year.

    afrolems cnn african food blogs

    afrolems ventures africa

    afrolems cnn mention

    Towards the end of the year, I had the great opportunity of meeting with the CEO of Food Fashion Fusion, Mrs Nkem Odewunmi. When you feel like you have met someone that has a great head on their shoulders and is heading in the same direction as you are, you immediately establish a great connection with that person. She is such a pleasant lady and she hooked me up with the most delicious Banana Bread I have ever tasted. Even I don’t make a Banana Bread that fantastic. She also made a very delicious Chicken sauce with Rice. I had planned to photograph it first but I started eating it and completely forgot. Mrs Odewunmi, I will be visiting your location again shortly because your food is delicious but you are also awesome. 

    nkem odewunmi food fashion fusion

    afrolems food fashion fusion visit

    food fashion fusion banana bread

    Food Fashion Fusion Lagos

    nkem odewunmi FFF

    food fashion fusion banana bread


    I also visited the Taste of Lagos event which I thought was very well done. So many chefs and food vendors have penetrated the industry it is great to see Nigerian food done well. Hopefully I would be able to participate in the next event this 2016. 

    taste of lagos afrolems and 1qfoodplatter

    Although I did not exhibit at the Fiesta of Flavors event, my mum, 1QFoodPlatter had a booth so I got to help her out that day and network with some of you who recognized Afrolems. It certainly was a fun day. 

    1qfoodplatter fiesta of flavors

    afrolems at fiesta of flavors

    My mum and I went restaurant hunting one fine Saturday and decided to pay Ginger Tapas Lagos a visit. Let’s just say we did not regret our choice at all. The food was delicious and  was in great portions, the customer service was exceptional and we met the CEO, Mrs. Aminat Gbajabiamila. You know those chats you have with your friends at their gate after you have said you are going. We spent an extra 15 minutes jisting with Mrs Aminat at the gate of her restaurant. That is how amazing she is. 

    ginger tapas aminat gbajabiamila

    1qfoodplatter and afrolems


    Fast forward to Christmas, we did not upload our regular 12 days of Christmas recipes, we decided to do tips instead. Most of the tips you all said helped you out with your Christmas day planning. I have decided to upload it on the blog for those of you that do not follow us on social media. *side eye*  Click image to download the free e-book of our Christmas tips.

    afrolems brand year in review

    We also participated in the Otres Restaurant Heart 2 Feed Project. Although we did not do the physical food drive, we heard from the CEO Orode that it was a very successful event. 

    otres restaurant heart 2 feed

    This was our 2015 at Afrolems and yes for those that have been asking, Afrolems is now officially in Nigeria. Although we have not started catering yet, we are available to work with Nigerian based brands but will still work with International brands as we have a global following. If you would like to get in touch, fill out our contact form

    Going forward into 2016, Our mantra is Creativity, Consistency, Color

    AFROLEMS goals for 2016 (1)

    We would like to hear how your year went? Leave a comment 

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    1. ChiO Reply

      Congrats Afrolems. You are such an inspiration. You definitely had an awesome 2015. I wish you a more successful new year.

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