• Egusi Pepper Soup

    Egusi pepper soup is otherwise known as Ovwovwo soup by the Urhobos in Nigeria. I must say this soup is a very delicious soup. I couldn’t stop licking my fingers. If you are new to the Nigerian Cuisine, one of the first soups you would have heard of is Egusi soup. This soup is however a combination of two popular nigerian soups. It is basically a very light textured and spicy soup but with a combination of familiar flavours. If you are scared of very spicy dishes, I suggest reducing the amount of scotch bonnet peppers you add to the recipe. The other spices are very heightened and they intensify the peppery flavour of this dish.  

    I have seen some people mix the egusi into a paste and run it through a sieve to make it extra light. I did not do that for my post but by all means you can. There are also variations where people roast the egusi before blending. I did not do that for mine either. There are versions that people do not blend their pepper soup spices but I did. I have also seen versions where people add okro to theirs but I decided to try mine without also because I was lazy to go out and get additional ingredients. You could also make this with fresh catfish but I decided to use beef. If you notice, I have always believed recipes are open to interpretation. You can make this differently to suit your taste so this is my version of the Egusi Peppersoup.

    How do you make yours?

    Recipe for Egusi Pepper Soup



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    Egusi Pepper soup

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      Hello, I honestly love your food blog. All d meals are so sophisticated. Pls keep up d good work. God bless yu.

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