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    I have had a few people request to add a print option to my recipes. I add them to select recipes because I do not want to make it so easy for people to just take advantage of it and become profitable at my expense. I still think if they wanted they would but It’s just an added effort on their part to copy and paste. Anyway enough of that, I was thinking of creative ways I can reward my fans, I compiled nine of my favourite plantain recipes into an e-book so people can download, print and share with some of their friends. I cannot guarantee that people will not sell it but I just want to ask you don’t sell it to others but give it as a free gift or print and use it for yourself. These are all recipes that are already on the blog which you can come back to reference but I thought this would be a neat way to compile it for you guys. Let me know what you think?

    Click to download free e-book

    Plantain recipes free book

    12 comments on “Download Plantain Recipes E-Book”

    1. Bola Reply

      Thank u very much…i downloaded it already and I can say its one in a million…

    2. Adaoisa Reply

      Good morning dear, I haven’t been able to download the plantain cookbook even with good internet connection. Please help a sister. Thanks

    3. Adaolisa Reply

      Dear, I just succeeded downloading the. Cookbook after complaining. Thanks

    4. chichi o Reply

      Thank you very much for the thoughtful generosity of heart!As they say here in Lome in Evwe language,”akpé loo!”(thank you oh!)

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