• Watermelon Mocktail Drink Recipe

    San Francisco weather has reached a new level of heat the past few days and this supposedly one of the colder parts of California. I wonder what the other cities are experiencing. Every time it gets really hot, only one fruit is on my mind. Watermelon!! It just has a way of calming me down and refreshing me. There seems to be a stereotype of black people or should I say African American people loving watermelon and fried chicken. I really do not blame anyone. It is definitely one of my favourite fruits. I also recently learned that watermelon is a low calorie fruit and I used it to replace some meals for a week and I saw my weight drop. It is very filling and delicious. The best way to tell if watermelon is ripe at the supermarket is to knock/tap it to check for its hollowness. If it sounds hollow, it is ripe. There is nothing as disappointing as unripe watermelon so make sure to apply this tip when you go watermelon shopping. I made a mini drink out of it and you can skip on the sugar if you like. The sweetness of the watermelon stands on its own. If not for anything you can sip on the drink while listening to Beyonce’s drunk in love where she said “I been drinking watermelon” Not sure if she meant the fruit or something else because with these songs you never know. Enjoy my watermelon drink 🙂


    6 Medium chunks of watermelon

    120 ml of water (1/2 cup)

    2 lemon slices

    2 teaspoons of grenadine (black currant)

    2 teaspoons Angostura bitters (or alomo bitters)

    1/2 teaspoon of sugar for syrup

    Sprinkles or sugar for garnishing the glass

    Ice cubes


    With 1/4 cup (60 ml) of water, blend the watermelon chunks and sieve for the juice. You can also use a juicer and avoid using extra water.

    In a separate cup, mix the rest of the water and the 1/2 teaspoon of sugar to form a syrup. You could use warm water so the sugar dissolves better.

    Pour the sugar mix into the watermelon juice, add the angostura bitters and grenadine.

    Use one of the lemon slices to rub around the tip of the glass and rub the glass in the sprinkles or sugar for garnishing.

    Pour some ice cubes in your glass and pour in the watermelon juice and serve cold. Garnish with more lemon slices or any other fruit of your choice.

    watermelon chunks


    juicing watermelon


    lemon slices on watermelon drink




    sugar coating glass


    watermelon juice for the summer


    watermelon mocktail


    watermelon cocktail


    watermelon drink recipe

    25 comments on “Watermelon Mocktail Drink Recipe”

    1. O'dazzle Reply

      Lovely recipe, I hope to try soon with my leftover watermelon.
      However, pls I can’t seem to find grenadine here in nigeria, what can I use as a substitute; and also can I replace the Alomo bitters with Swedish betters?

      • afrolems Reply

        You can replace grenadine with ribena or any black currant drink and i think you can use swedish bitters but iv never tried it

        • afrolems Reply

          Bukie, You are super awesome for this comment. Do you know where exactly? So i can update this post? Like is there a particular person that sells it?

    2. Deborah Hinjari Reply

      I please where can I find this Angostura bitters or is there any substitute for it? I leave in Zaria, Kaduna state here in Nigeria. I truly enjoy your recipes.

      • afrolems Reply

        Hello Deborah, Thanks for the kind words. If you do not find angostura in the market or regular supermarkets, you can substitute with a bit of alomo bitters 🙂

    3. doreen Reply

      i would to taste love this bt unfortunately can’t do it coz of lemons.have no idea where i can get that.i love your blog and it just ranked top 5 in my best foodie blog list.GREAT JOB

    4. Omolara Reply

      Hi all, you can get grenadine in Oasis supermarkets. That’s where I buy mine from

      • afrolems Reply

        You are awesome Omolara. Where is Oasis located? Is it the one in Ikeja?

        • Omolara Reply

          I buy from either the one in Omole phase1 or the one located in Opic plaza Ikeja

    5. BB Reply

      I also get my Grenadine in Abuja here. my sister buys it for me in wuse market just dont know where to get this color seeded sugar from

      • afrolems Reply

        It’s just regular sprinkles that people use for cake. You can always use regular sugar 🙂

      • afrolems Reply

        Hello Rosemary, you can. It is nice to try something different for a change.

    6. Durotade Reply

      Evening all is it a must to put angostura/alomo bitters cuz am nt sure if I cld get the angostura @ the mkt and I dn’t take alcohol

      • afrolems Reply

        For the sugar syrup, you boil water and sugar till it starts to thicken a bit. For the sprinkles, anywhere baking goods are sold is where you can get it but it is not compulsory as it is garnishing, you can also replace it with sugar as your garnishing.

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