Fruit Infused Water

Over the holidays, i am certain a lot of us ate some things we should and shouldn’t have eaten. It is important to cleanse your system after that. I have been drinking fruit infused water. I put in some of my favourite fruits as this is another way to get vitamins and i put water and put in the fridge or just leave to stand. You should allow to sit between 2- 8 hours before drinking. I keep replacing the water till the fruits are exhausted then i replace the fruits. Will you be trying it and what fruits will you be using?
Many people have fruit infused water recipes here are some you can use;
– Watermelon, mint leaves, cucumber
– Lemon, cucumber, ginger, berries
– Pineapple, mango, mint, cucumber
– Grapefruit, apples, ginger, watermelon
– Paw Paw, mango, lemon, cucumber
– oranges, lemon, mint, cucumber, ginger
– tangerines, pawpaw, ginger, mint, watermelon
fruit infused water

6 thoughts on “Fruit Infused Water

  1. thanks for the informations but I use lemon n Orange with the skin and it was so bitter my hubby couldn’t take it. had to pour it out and remove skin for the next batch

    1. Citrus fruits naturally have that effect. it is not meant to have a sweet taste for all the combinations. As long as it cleanses but removing the skin will help

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