• Beignets – French Doughnuts

    As the holiday season approaches, we tend to spend most of our time with family and friends. To make this season a memorable one, thought it would be a great idea to make something unforgettable for them, rather than going out to get something already made. This could also be fun for parents and kids to spend time together in the kitchen, “Bonding”.

    Rather than baking a cake or cookies I thought Beignet would be different and interesting to dish up fro the loved ones.

    Some tips to help make a great Beignet:

    • Don’t over mix your dough, so you it comes out light and fluffy
    • Make sure you oil is hot before you start frying
    • Fry a little at a time to prevent soggy pastry

    Recipe Courtesy Chef Abiodun Williams

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    Instagram: @wspatisserie


    Active Yeast          5g

    Warm Water         180g

    Sugar                    50g

    Salt                       3g

    Eggs                     1

    Evaporated Milk     120g

    All Purpose Flour    440g

    Vegetable Shortening  25g

    Vegetable oil (for frying) 470g

    Icing / Confectioners Sugar  15g


    Day One:

    – In a bowl dissolve yeast in warm water

    -Mix together sugar, salt, evaporated milk

    – Add water to milk mixture and blend

    – Add half the flour to the mixture and beat until smooth

    – Add the shortening and remaining flour.

    – Mix until smooth

    – Cover with plastic wrap and chill for 24 hours

    Day two: (Start by heating your oil. While that is heating up continue working on beignet)

    – Roll out dough on a floured surface to about 1/8 inches thick

    – With a knife or cutter, cut dough into small squares of the same size for even cooking.

    – Get a plate or pan with paper napkins ready.

    – When oil is hot start frying beignets. If they don’t pop up when you put it in, means its not hot enough

    – Once brown on both sides, drain in paper napkins

    – Sprinkle icing / confectioner sugar on hot beignets. Serve warm

    – ENJOY!!!

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    frying beignet
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    doughnuts with icing
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    2 comments on “Beignets – French Doughnuts”

    1. alex vannerum Reply

      why French doughnuts,
      look properly into it,and you will find that it is most popular in Belgium and holland,under the name olie bollen.Bollen because they are shaped round like meatballs.Once we add pieces of apple in each ball before frying we call them apple beignets.I live in New Zealand. My wife is Nigerian.I will go there soon.You live in one of the best countries in the world.

    2. alex vannerum Reply

      also ,most of the time our mixture is still runny so we have a ladle and drop the mixture like that in the hot oil. i can send you the recipe if you want.

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