• For those that have been following my blog since beginning of this year, you may have seen that I mentioned a dish called Ukang. Earlier on this year, I was in Nigeria and I went to visit my Grandma. She made me some Ukang and I couldn’t wait to blog about it. I have searched and searched for bush meat in Toronto and all to no avail and then I saw a blog post talking about the ban on the importation of bush meat and that settled it for me that I may not be able to make this amazing delicacy. I then thought to myself that smoked chicken could be a great substitute and that was readily available at the african store. So here we are. Another ingredient that is necessary for this dish is scent leaf which  isn’t really available abroad. A good substitute is basil leaf but again this is optional but it gives the dish its authentic flavour.

    Ingredient (Serves 2)

    2 pieces Smoked chicken / bush meat

    2 fingers of Plantain

    A handful of ugwu (substitute spinach)


    2 scotch bonnet peppers

    1 small bulb of onions

    1 tablespoon of ground crayfish

    Salt to Taste

    2 cooking spoons of palm oil



    Chop the peppers and onions and put in a pot with the smoked chicken. Season with the salt, seasoning and crayfish and bring to boil till its soft.

    Boil the plantain till soft and keep aside

    Wash your vegetables and blanch it in hot water. Chop the vegetables and squeeze out the water.

    As the water in the smoked chicken pot begins to dry, add the palm oil and stir. Add the vegetables and plantain and stir and allow it to simmer for 1 minute. (I mixed Ugwu and spinach in my dish as the ugwu at the african store was a little dry)

    Serve hot.

    ugwu leaves


    spinach leaves


    cooking smoked chicken


    ukang dish


    ukang recipe


    ukang dish nigerian recipe

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