Why Eating Okro is good for you?

Okro soup is a soup I feel only a few people get right. If you miss the taste mark with okro, you are stuck with this slimy soup that no one wants to eat. It is very important to cook okro well and make it really tasty. Apart from the taste benefit, Okro also known as Okra or lady fingers has many health benefits. Some of them are listed below;

Okro is a dietary fiber that contains several minerals and vitamins. It does not contain saturated fats and is recommended for people on a weight loss journey and cholesterol control journey.

Okro has healthy amounts of Vitamin A. Vitamin A also has many functions in our body. Okro also has anti-oxidants that help protect against lung cancer.

Okro cleanses the liver: The slimy substance in okra contains substances that bind bile acid and cholesterol to detoxify the liver.

Okro helps maintain the elasticity of the skin making it smooth and young looking. It also helps in preventing acne.

You can indulge in some Okro Soup this weekend. Afrolems has a recipe for you of Ila Alasepo 

Enjoy xoxo

okro soup and pounded yam

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