• Brunch at Southern Sun Ikoyi Lagos

    Sunday Morning brunch after church wasn’t exactly something I grew up with. It was more a case of church is over, head on to Mr Biggs or Tastee fried chicken to pick up something quick or my mum was going to cook up a storm. That was what I was used to.

    Fast forward a few years and we are having brunch at Southern Sun in Ikoyi. The ambiance was lovely and the waiters were very courteous. Not something you would typically find at a Nigerian restaurant. They smiled as they served us and made small but funny conversation while serving the drinks. Everything from the plates to the utensils were all clean. Trust me, I’ve been to some supposedly high class restaurants and was appalled by what I saw but that is talk for another day.

    The people that walked into the restaurant were your typical Lagos people who like to form (lol) Couldn’t help but chuckle at some of them. My mum and I went around looking at what was available and we were surprised to find Asun on the menu. “Who has Asun so early on in the day? ” After our amazing meal, My mum and I decided to speak to the Sous Chef at Southern Sun, Mr Stanley Mwangi. He was telling us that Nigerians loooove their food. In his words; “Nigerians can eat the same thing in the morning, afternoon and come to Southern Sun and eat the same thing.” He is Kenyan by the way and makes amazing Nigerian food. If you haven’t been to Southern Sun, I’d say wear your really nice clothes (So you don’t feel like a lesser relative) and get ready to have an amazing dining experience.

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    brunch at southern sun ikoyi lagos

    8 comments on “Brunch at Southern Sun Ikoyi Lagos”

    1. Bukonla Reply

      Was it pricey? What’s the average cost per person? Was it a buffet setting?

      • Afrolems Reply

        It depends on your definition of Pricey 🙂 It was about 7k per person plus VAT. It was buffet style though

    2. buslady Reply

      Hi, i want to know the price per person for the buffet. The time frame of the Sunday brunch? What provisions are made for children, kids below 6 years? will they have to pay? Any fun spot for them? etc, I await your reply.

      • afrolems Reply

        Hello, it has been a while since I went so I dont know if prices have changed. I suggest you visit their website or give them a call as they would be in a better position to answer your question

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