• Red Shade of Jollof Rice, Moin Moin and Beef Valentine Cooking

    “Rice is good. Rice is life. If you want to get a life, just eat rice!” How is that for rhymes? I saw that quote somewhere and thought it was funny. Anywhoo, on this 2nd day of the valentine month, I bring to you familiar dishes on a nigerian menu. Showing your significant other you love them is cooking them things that bring them joy. I don’t know about you all but Jollof Rice brings me joy and so does Moin Moin. I decided to add a little flavour to my Moin Moin this time. I made several batches with different seafoods but would just be displaying the shrimp moin moin. I hope you enjoy making and serving the red shades of Jollof rice, moin moin and stewed beef to your loved one/ones. Enjoy XoXo

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