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So ever since I started Afrolems, everything related to food somehow gets sent to me. People send me jokes about food and articles about cooking and other interesting things. Today, my uncle sent this to me and I thought this was interesting. If you have anything to add to the list please feel free. I would call this the food name game. I already posted it on Facebook and people started adding their own suggestions to it and it’s been fun. Leave a comment if you have something interesting to add.

The Federal Government is trying to re-brand the Economy so we’re helping to re-brand some of our local products to encourage exports.Remember, the growth of the economy is a collective effort, so, feel free to share and offer more suggestions.

1. Kuli kuli – Peanut Bars

2. Donkuwa/ Robo Alata – Hot Charcolit nuts

3. Kilichi – Beef Crackers

4. Dundun – Yamarita

5. Fried Potato – Potarita

6. Pako/Atu (Chewing stick) – Dental Sticks

7. Boli – Barbecue Plantain

8. Roasted corn – Corn Aflame

9. Eko/Agidi – Corn Jello

10. Moin moin – Savory Bean Pudding

11. Isi ewu – Goat Hedo lickins’ (remember your fingers)

12. Garri – Grain o’ Fibre

13. Bokoto/ Nkwobi – Hoof salad

14. Ogi/Akamu – Corn Brulee

15. Puff Puff – Energy Buns

16. Chin chin – Dough Rocks

17. Zobo – Juice Rosa Afrik

18. Kunnu – Grain Alive

19. Gurundi – Coconut Jaw Breakers

20. Bread and Akara – Bean Cake Burger

21. Ofada rice – Unpolished Vegetarian Rice

22. Adalu – Lentils & Grain Salad

23. Ekpang nkwukwo/ Ikokore – Continental Yam Casserole

Keep rolling…

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