• Toast With Avocado and Scrambled Eggs

    So this morning i woke up feeling like some avocado! Most people don’t know this, but avocado isn’t just for guacamole. You can actually eat it plain with a pinch of salt or use as butter or simply a topping on your meals. I chose bread because it is very quick.

    1 Eggs
    2 Slices of Bread (Whole Grain)
    1 Small Avocado or 1/2 of a Large One
    1 teaspoon of butter

    Toast With Avocado and Scrambled Eggs_Afrolems

    How To:
    Break one egg into a whisking bowl and beat until smooth.
    Add in 3 tablespoons full of milk and beat until smooth
    Add a quarter teaspoon full of butter to a heated non stick pan
    Gently pour egg mixture into pan
    Let fry for about 20-30 seconds to let egg set
    Using a fork, scramble eggs continuously, frying for about 1 minute
    Add a pinch of salt to taste

    Slice avocado in the center, gently separate one half from the seed in the center.
    Peel the skin of the half without the center.
    Slice the peeled avocado according to preference (thick or thin slices)
    Add a pinch of salt to taste

    Now you can toast you bread using a toaster, but i prefer the results of using a pan.
    Pan method:
    Heat dry non stick pan on medium.
    Butter both sides of your bread
    when the pan is hot enough to sizzle melting butter, gently place bread slices in the pan.
    Wait for each side to turn golden brown before you flip.

    Lastly, serve and enjoy your breakfast!

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