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    Breakfast in Nigeria is full of all kinds of interesting dishes. You know the saying eat breakfast like a king? This dish is definitely in that category. It is originally a Togolese dish but as usual Nigerians take everything and make it their own lol. I call it creative borrowing, sharing is caring right? The best way to describe this dish is that it is a mashed beans porridge served with a spicy sauce. Enjoy this recipe


    2 Cup of Beans

    2 large tomatoes

    2 medium sized bulb of Onions

    3 small scotch bonnet peppers (ata rodo)

    1 medium bell pepper (tatashe)

    Seasoning Cubes

    2 cooking spoons of Palm oil

    1 tablespoon of crayfish powder

    Salt to taste

    Dry Pepper


    • Wash the beans thoroughly to get rid of the dirt.
    • In a pot of boiling water, pour in the beans and a handful of chopped onions and allow to boil till soft.
    • Season with salt and seasoning cubes.
    • Mash the beans and set aside.


    • Blend the scotch bonnet peppers, bell pepper, half a bulb of onion and the tomatoes
    • Pour the mix into a small pot and boil till majority of the excess liquid dries up.
    • In a heated pan, pour in the palm oil and cover the pan and allow the oil bleach on low heat. (The palm oil would become clear thats when it has bleached. You may need to take it off the fire occasionally to cool then replace till the oil is clear)
    • Chop up the remaining onion into tiny slices and add to the hot oil
    • Allow to fry until crispy
    • Add the tomato-pepper mix and fry for about 10 minutes on medium heat
    • Season with the crayfish powder, salt, seasoning cube and dry pepper.
    • Reduce the heat and keep frying the sauce till the sauce blackens a bit.
    • Serve on top of the mashed beans.

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    9 comments on “Ewa Agoyin (Stewed Beans Porridge) – Feyisope”

    1. Sharon Salu Reply

      The secret is in the sauce, like they say. Looks yummy! It’s nice to know how to make it here, though I am used to seeing the beans “mashed” up. Thanks for the recipe!

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    3. theetowncrier Reply

      I like the recipe but the beans isn’t complete, it has to be mashed up and the water must dry up hence the name Ewa Agoyin. The pepper used is usually just dried pepper and a few dry condiments+lil blended pepper with alotta red oil to giv this gritty effect on the tongue…
      I like the presentation too 🙂 and I love afrolems hehe!

    4. Bolaration Reply

      thanks for the recipe, but how can we make the sauce as black as the one the Togo people make…or is it made like the Ghanian shito? dunno if i spelt it well 🙂

    5. Bolaration Reply

      oh i dint see ur comment before @theetowncrier. I guess what u just suggested will give me the result of the look am asking of….thanks.
      @afrolems i cant wait to still visit you 😀

    6. faithia emmanuel Reply

      u are God gift to this generation. i followedvu steps and behold it was perfect. my whole family of eight finished it b4 i came back from showering. in short u are also a good teacher thanks a millions. thunbs up to you

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