• Sardine Omelette- Quick Meal- David

    Average cooking time <15mins

    Total meal cost about 7 dollars ( with leftovers)

    Hey all its been a while but here is something for you. Its fast, practical and cheap (good for students). I always keep an emergency 3 cans of sardines and eggs for times when I run out of protein sources. For me there must be protein in every meal I have or else I feel like I am suffering and no protein doesn’t help my blood sugar so studying and working become difficult because my brain needs sugar and carbs and sugar snacks never satisfy it.

    I apologise for the poor picture quality

    Sardine Omelette with Fried Plantain


    Handful of sliced white Mushrooms – 1 pack – $2.50

    2 stalks Green Onions chopped -$1.50 for 6

    1/White Onion sliced -50 cents

    1 Can of Soya Oil Sardine – 90 cents

    1 egg with Yolk 2 Egg’s white- pack of 12 $2-$3

    First crack your eggs. Keep 1 egg with its Yolk and the other 2 throw out the Yolk and keep only the white ( This is also good for healthy eating).

    1) Heat your frying pan on high with no oil turn to medium when hot. When the pan is hot crack open the can of soy oil Sardine and pour the oil in the can to the pan to the pan and your handful of mushrooms till they start to lightly brown. Beat the eggs while waiting and add salt

    2) Add your chopped green onions to the pan for 30 seconds

    3) Add your sliced onions to the pan and let sit till the onions start softening

    4) add the sardines to the pan and break them to a sort of mash till there are no chunks of sardine are in the pan.

    5) Add the beaten egg to the pan and spread evenly while still liquid. Turn over egg when one side is light brown. Cook the other side till it is also brown and take the pan off the burner.

    Your omelette is ready. Can be eaten alone, with anything fried and used with stew. I ate it with fried plantains.

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