• Nigerian Beans Pottage and Plantain

    Nigerian beans pottage is a staple in the food culture here in Nigeria. It is also a staple amongst many african countries. For example, Ghanians call beans pottage “Red Red” which seems to be a play on the how the palm oil looks in the pottage. Other countries in Africa add some more ingredients to their beans pottage. Some add aubergine, others just add fish. Whichever way you decide to cook this dish, the common factor is that it’s delicious.

    Some people use black eyed peas or honey brown beans, one being sweeter than the other. Some types of beans may take longer to cook than others.  There are many derivative recipes that have become a huge part of our menu. This is one of many. We also have akara, moin moin, gbegiri, danwake, ewa agoyin etc. This is a pottage version intended to be eaten with any carbohydrate of your choice. People eat it with plantain, yam, bread, rice, garri etc.



    2 Cups Brown Beans

    1 Bulb of Onion

    5 Tomatoes

    2 Fresh pepper (Scotch Bonnet)

    1 Table spoon Ground Crayfish – Optional

    3 Cubes of Seasoning cubes

    1 teaspoon of dry pepper

    2 cooking spoons of palm oil


    *Wash the beans and bring to boil with the chopped onion till soft.
    *Blend tomatoes and pepper and pour in when the beans is almost soft and stir in.
    * Add the seasoning cubes and ground crayfish
    *Once beans is soft, add your palm oil and allow to stew on low heat for an additional 5 minutes and serve hot.

    Serve Beans Pottage with Fried Plantain, Boiled Plantain, Yam, Rice, Bread, Garri (Cassava flakes) or stand alone.

    nigerian beans porridge

    nigerian beans pottage and plantain

    You can also serve the Beans pottage with no palm oil. This could be your healthy alternative. All you need to do is follow the recipe till the palm oil bit. Skip out on adding that.



    12 comments on “Nigerian Beans Pottage and Plantain”

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    2. Onyeka Reply

      Why should we not add palm oil to the beans if it is cooked with plantain in it?

    3. John Sugar Reply

      (1). Some people prefer to soak the beans for 5-10 hours depending before preparing the beans, and (2). What about the brown beans?
      Are you gonna still apply same methods/procedures you listed above to prepare the beans?

      • afrolems Reply

        I do not soak the beans for this dish. I have never heard of soaking the beans for the porridge version. We soak it for the pudding and fritters version called moin moin and akara

    4. adekemi Reply

      Pls, can u help me with some menus for an hypertensive patients, recipe

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    6. Thurzday Next Reply

      Thank you very much for your recipe. I follow it until right before adding the palm oil, and then I add cut up pieces of ripe plantains. It’s delicious!

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