• Edika-Ikong: Chef of the week: David Nsa



    stock fish

    dried fish (I grilled fish)



    kpomo(cow skin)

    beef or chicken

    snail if desired

    seasoning(salt, maggi, curry and thyme)

    palm oil


    grounded pepper


    #Wash the necessary ingredients -boil the beef, kpomo and stock fish add seasoning and onions.

    #Check if the kpomo is soft at intervals and add more water if necessary

    #Add the snail and let simmer for a while (8 mins)

    #with little water left in the pot add palm oil, crayfish, pepper and more seasoning if needed

    #after palm oil has blended in add the spinach and let simmer for about 4 minutes

    Food is Served.

    It could be served with Fufu(Cassava), Eba(Cassava) and Pounded Yam

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