• Exam Specials

    Hey Afrolems lovers,

    Exam time can be really stressful and we know you have no time to cook. Lets face it ordering pizza everyday is unhealthy at late hours of the night. You have the chance to order food from afrolems this exam time.  Afrolems would be doing specials starting sunday 13th december-18th december 2009. Here is what would be offered:

    Sunday-Tuesday -Rice and designer stew with plantain

    Wednesday- Friday- Jollof rice with beef and plantain

    Each plate of food plus delivery to UTM and other places in mississauga is $20

    Finger foods like puff puff, chicken wings and stick meat would also be available for midnight snacking

    Each plate of finger food plus delivery to UTM and other places in mississauga is $15

    Delivery times are : 6pm and 10pm

    Place your orders early in the day if you know you would be in school for long. There is also the pick up option if you intend to study at home.

    Goodluck in your exams and dont forget to place your orders

    Afrolems is happy to cater to you 😀

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