Plantain gnocchi
At this point, it is safe to say I am slightly addicted to plantains. I mean I have an e-book dedicated to plantain recipes which I should probably update with this plantain gnocchi recipe. I was watching a documentary on Netflix about a chef’s journey through some parts of Asia […]

Plantain Gnocchi and Minced Meat Sauce

date pancakes 18
Sometimes we can use natural sugar sources to sweeten our food. I’d rather use a sugar source that has other benefits. Dates are a great laxative food so if you have been constipated, you may want to include some dates in your diet. They are also a great source of […]

Date Pancakes

pan seared ram and Mashed Potatoes 2
Happy Sallah to my muslim readers! Last week I was contacted by to do a collaboration regarding a giveaway for my Nigerian readers. Of course I was excited by this! It was the perfect opportunity to reward you for taking time out to visit my blog, you guys are the! […]

Pan Seared Ram and Mashed Potatoes

carrot drink 1
When I say spicy carrot drink, I am not talking about peppery, I am talking about other spices that might make your nose tingle a bit. At least that’s what cinnamon and nutmeg does to me. I got the inspiration for this drink from Tastemade’s Snapchat account and I have […]

Spicy Carrot Drink

Nigerian Fish stew 2
Last week Friday, Afrolems was featured on CNN’s article on food bloggers to follow. I was in bed when the article was published and I saw a few notifications on my blog from CNN. You can imagine I jumped out of bed, rubbed my eyes a few times, screamed, pranced […]

Nigerian Fish Stew

pork chops 17
Someone recently pointed out in a comment on the blog that I do not have Pork recipes. I combed through my recipe list and truly didn’t find any. I promise it was not intentional. I eat pork once in a very red moon not because it is not tasty but […]

Pork Chops and Savoury Rice

honey barbecue wings 1
My weekend has been a very busy one and I decided to make something for the road that was spicy and small enough to carry around. Yes, honey barbecue wings were my solution to my snacking problems. Believe me it came in very handy today as I was roaming and […]

Honey Barbecue Wings

Nigerian potato casserole
I am not certain why the name tasty fiesta was chosen to name this potato casserole dish in Nigeria? Anyone care to venture an explanation? At first when I used to see fiesta come up in my search terms, I thought it was the Jamaican dessert called fiesta. Alas, I […]

Potato Casserole

zucchini marinated chicken kauna kitchen
Guest Post from Kauna Kitchen Short Bio Uneku is passionate about food and is always seeking ways to inspire others to share love and express creativity through cooking and hospitality.. She enjoys sharing her meals with family and friends and shares her journey on her blog “Kauna Kitchen“ Recipe Intro […]

Zucchini Marinated Chicken

catfish peppersoup and yam 1
Growing up I was never a fan of catfish. The experiences at Tejuoso market watching my mum negotiate on the price of the fish while the fish thrashed violently in the bowl was enough to scar me. My mum also made the watery fishy stew called imoyo with Catfish and […]

Catfish PepperSoup and Yam