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    Gizzard Sauce

    Gizzard Sauce Pinch, Punch, first day of the month! I remember the first time I heard that little phrase, I could not wait for the next month to do it to people. It was so much fun for me. Ah the simpler times when we all got to be carefree. Now try pinching and punching

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    Spicy Garden Egg Sauce with Cocoyam

    Spicy garden egg sauce with Cocoyam When I was learning how to drive last year, my driving instructor who is from Edo state was telling me about how much he missed his mothers cooking. Yes I just learnt how to drive lol I had a horrid experience when I was 16 learning to drive, I

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    Akara Pancake

    The concept of Akara Pancake was inspired by 9ja Foodie or at least I think I saw the recipe on her blog first. I decided to try it and add the Afrolems spin on things. This month, I have decided to cut down on my carbohydrates and bad cholesterol sources significantly because December is usually an

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    Ethiopian Plantain and Beef Stew

    Ethiopian Plantain and Beef Stew It’s been a while since i explored other parts of Africa on my blog. I cannot call myself an african food blog without showcasing other recipes I have come in contact with. This is one of such delicious recipes. Ethiopian food is very diverse in its offerings and flavors and

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    Stir Fried Acha Recipe

    Stir Fried Acha World Diabetes day is marked on the 14th of November every year. Each year different themes are set to scope the awareness message created around diabetes. Usually, there is a misconception in Nigeria that Diabetes only comes as a result of confectionaries which comprise of sweets, chocolates, cakes etc. This is not

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    Spicy Parmesan Chicken Wings

    Spicy Parmesan Chicken Wings When people hear about parmesan wings, the word spicy is never included in the same sentence. Garlic parmesan wings are usually the popular go-to chicken wing recipe. For those that don’t know what parmesan is, it is a hard and granular type of cheese with a very strong savory flavor. It

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    Waina Recipe

     Waina This is a rice dish often referred to as Masa, which is shaped like a mini cake and is made using short grain rice. This short grain variety of rice in highly consumed in the Northern part of Nigeria and is referred to as Tuwo rice. Waina has a background in Northern Nigeria and

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    Zobo Chapman

    Zobo Chapman Is it ok to say that this is the best drink that ever liveth? Is that ok to say? No? Ok! Well I disagree with you. There may be drinks that are good but this drink has versatility beyond measure. You can make it virgin or alcoholic. Whatever the case is, it would always

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    Shrimps and vegetables

    Gain or lose weight with Nigerian Food

    Gaining or Losing Weight with Nigerian Food The general misconception that Nigerian food is unhealthy is a theory I whole-heartedly disagree with. It’s in the application that results are seen. For example, if one chooses to have tiger nuts (ofio,aya) – which by the way is considered by many Nigerians to be healthy- every day

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