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    Image source: hellawella.com

    17 Clever Tricks That Will Revolutionize Your Cooking Recipes

    I always look for clever tricks and tips to enhance my cooking recipes. I make sure I am working in the most efficient way possible in the kitchen. I was having a discussion with Paula Hughes of Chewtheworld.com and she mentioned that she had some tricks she uses. Of course at that point I told her to

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    obe ishapa and two tone eba

    Obe Ishapa Recipe

    This Obe Ishapa recipe is my way of apologizing for the break in transmission. A lot has been happening with work NYSC & other related activities that Afrolems has taken a hit in the past few weeks. I apologize. I am still trying to find my bearing blogging in Nigeria, after the traffic, hectic drive

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    designer puff puff daniel wellington

    Designer Puff Puff

    Designer puff puff is what I am calling this snack because I don’t know what else to call it. I can go with the cliche method and name the puff puff based on the ingredients I used to top it off or I can just stay with a more generic term so you can be

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    peppered kpomo

    Peppered Kpomo

    Fridays are meant for peppered kpomo consumption with toothpicks at least that is my opinion and i’m sticking to it. There was a time or maybe it still stands true that kpomo was going to be banned but I think the forces that love Kpomo made sure that this idea was quickly dusted under the

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    Carrot Stew

    Beef Carrot Stew

    Carrot Stew and all tomato less stews are all the rave on food groups on Facebook. I first saw the recipe on the So you think you can cook group and I have to admit I was blown away at the idea. I cannot for the life of me remember who was the originator of

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    Afrolems at GTB Food and Drink Fair

    When my year started, being a headliner chef(I am not a chef) at a large food festival as the GTB Food and Drink Fair was not even remotely on my list of things to achieve. But you see the way God works, that festival has so far been the highlight of half of this year.

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    tangerine beef sauce

    Tangerine Beef Sauce

    In this season where tomatoes are expensive in Nigeria, playing around with different sauce ideas for white rice is the way to go and tangerine beef sauce should be one of your stops to make this happen. Tangerine is best known for its vitamin C benefits but did you know it was also beneficial in

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    honey corn cup cake

    Honey Corn CupCake

    Corn season is upon us and some interesting recipes would be coming out of my kitchen like this honey corn cupcake one. I have completely missed fresh corn and I would be looking forward to creating savory and sweet dishes using this one ingredient. In this recipe however, I did not use fresh corn, I

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