Indomie Fried Rice

I had been staring at the indomie in my cupboard and wondering what to do differently with it. Suddenly, I asked myself; “has anyone tried to use the seasoning for anything else?” Rice was the first thing that came to mind. I ran to the kitchen and started boiling my rice as fast as I

Honey Stir Fry Chicken Sauce

I went to visit my best fried last week and after the catch up process, we proceeded to the kitchen as she wanted to make her food for the week. She had numerous things on the menu one of which was honey stir fry chicken sauce. I quickly volunteered to help with that as I

How to make Nigerian Native Soup

This is one soup that I promised myself that if I did not find isam, I would not make it. For those that don’t know what Isam, it is periwinkles and in Rivers state in Nigeria, this soup is not complete without an assortment of seafood. I did not even have all the necessary seafood

Home Made Caramel Sauce

Once I learned how to make home made caramel sauce, I have not gone back to the store bought version. That way I can control the quantity I want to have in my fridge at a time without worrying if it would take up space and be one of those things I do not end

Milo Cake Bites

It was Canadian Thanksgiving the past weekend and I was skyping in with my family and watching them prepare several yummy dishes. My brother was in charge of Jollof Rice and Chicken because no thanksgiving is complete without Jollof rice once a Nigerian is present. My sister was in charge of mashed potatoes, My cousin was

Shrimp Fried Rice

If you follow Afrolems on social media, you would have seen that I posted a video asking people to guess what dish I was making. If you guessed fried rice, you guessed right. I made this shrimp fried rice slightly differently. Not in the Nigerian yellow fried rice way but in the asian almost thai

Coconut Chicken and Asparagus

Today we have a guest post from Kauna Kitchen on Coconut Chicken and Asparagus. Asparagus is not a vegetable that is very prominent in the Nigerian menu so if you are looking for a new vegetable to include in your meal plan, check out this recipe. Recipe for Coconut Chicken and Asparagus INGREDIENTS 4 chicken

Plantain Gnocchi and Minced Meat Sauce

At this point, it is safe to say I am slightly addicted to plantains. I mean I have an e-book dedicated to plantain recipes which I should probably update with this plantain gnocchi recipe. I was watching a documentary on Netflix about a chef’s journey through some parts of Asia and they were making gnocchi