Why would anyone make homemade mayonnaise when you can buy some at the store for really cheap you ask? Well you have never run out of mayonnaise so late at night when everywhere is closed before. That is the only reason you would ask that question. Ok so maybe I […]

HomeMade Mayonnaise

Nigerian vegetable soup 2
I am not sure I have met any nigerian that doesn’t like vegetable soup. Regardless of what vegetable they use, vegetable soup is a must in every Nigerian household alongside Jollof Rice of course. The method for this was very reminiscent of Edikang Ikong except in this, I did not […]

Nigerian Vegetable Soup

how to eat nigerian eba 1
Egusi pepper soup is otherwise known as Ovwovwo soup by the Urhobos in Nigeria. I must say this soup is a very delicious soup. I couldn’t stop licking my fingers. If you are new to the Nigerian Cuisine, one of the first soups you would have heard of is Egusi […]

Egusi Pepper Soup

watermelon summer drink
This Watermelon Lime Iced Tea is definitely one of my favourite in the iced tea series. I have received some questions in this series about what kind of tea I use. I use either green tea or regular lipton black tea for my iced tea mixes. However you can use any […]

Watermelon Lime Iced Tea

Ghanian pineapple jollof rice 4
If you are connected to my social media channels, you would have seen that I shared a CNN article highlighting the emergence of the creative african chefs. I was so excited because it made me realize the very thing Afrolems stands for in promoting african food to the world is […]

Pineapple Jollof Rice

kenya ugali and sukuma wiki 1
Karibu Kenya! This meal came as a result of me reminiscing about my time in Nairobi. I would really love to go back to visit at some point. I posted a bit about my trip in my earlier blog post, you can read all about it here. It indeed was […]

Ugali and Sukuma Wiki

zobo pineapple iced tea 2
Still continuing my iced tea series, I bring to you my zobo pineapple iced tea mix. This has a slightly thicker texture just because I wanted to have a layered effect for the drink. Zobo also known as sorrel or hibiscus leaves is a great anti-oxidant and I find really […]

Zobo Pineapple Iced Tea

sadza peanut soup
Kwaziwai. Makadii Zvenyu? Do not be alarmed I have been told this means greetings, how are you in Shona from the people of Zimbabwe. I met an Uber driver in San francisco a few weeks ago that was educating me on the Zimbabwean culture and I definitely became more interested […]

Sadza and Peanut Soup

In the spirit of continuing my iced tea series, my offering today is the simple Strawberry mint iced tea. What I liked about this one was the fizz of the drink. It had a more refreshing feel to it or I was just craving pop. I used tonic water in […]

Strawberry Mint Iced tea

When I made this snack and began photographing it, I started thinking of a story to tell to go with this recipe. My mum mentioned that I include a story about egg rolls and motor parks. I replied saying I had no clue what she was talking about. She said that […]

Nigerian Egg Roll